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How to mod Irish Translator 1.0 apk for pc

Irish Translator.apk 1.0
Name: Irish Translator.apk
ID: appinventor.ai_bhagattv.irishtranslator
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.6 Mb

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How to download Irish Translator 1.0 unlimited apk for android
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How to download Irish Translator lastet apk for pc

How to setup Irish Translator apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:
Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.
- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:
Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

Irish Translator Description

******** This App Works Offline...,

English to Irish translator that talks to you.
The app will speak for you and translate your Text for you automatically,
Just Simply type in your text and you will get the translation with Speech and Text,
*( Let Your Little Ones Learn a New Language )*

* * * * * * * Features :-
- 🔊 Fast and direct, Type in your text and get the translation in text and voice with good pronunciation,
- Can be used like a dictionary,
- Auto Text and Voice Translator,
- Type your words or sentences Into the Text-Box no -matter how long it is, Hear the Translation and see the translated text.,
- Instant Translate,
- Works Offline,
- 🔊 Translated Language is very clearly spoken.
- If you are a student, tourist or traveler, it will help you to learn the language!
- Talking Translator,
- Fun working and Playing,
- Easy To Use,
- 🔊 No need for TTS Support,

Hello World :-
Check out our other Translators too., Our translator apps will help you Travel the world..,
If you have any questions or queries, just drop us a mail as we are here to help you and
do share your experiences..,
We Keep It Simple For You.
* * *...Your reviews and ratings are valuable to us to make more changes...* * *

What's new in Irish Translator 1.0

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