How to download True AppLock - Apps Locker 1.1.0 mod apk for laptop - APK Hit

How to download True AppLock - Apps Locker 1.1.0 mod apk for laptop

True AppLock - Apps Locker.apk 1.1.0
Name: True AppLock - Apps Locker.apk
ID: com.bitsar.applock
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 1.7 Mb

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How to mod True AppLock - Apps Locker patch 1.1.0 apk for laptop
How to download True AppLock - Apps Locker 1.1.0 mod apk for pc
How to install True AppLock - Apps Locker 1.1.0 apk for laptop

How to install True AppLock - Apps Locker apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:
Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.
- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:
Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

True AppLock - Apps Locker Details

True AppLock is a security application. True AppLock is owned by Clean Mobiles(CM). AppLock protects your privacy. AppLock can lock all sorts of your app whether it is messaging applications likes Whatsapp or facebook, email clients like Gmail or YahooMail or any other app. AppLock helps to protect your privacy from intruders.
1) What are the application lock modes available to use
There are two application lock modes are available. AppLock modes are following:
- Pattern Lock
- Number Lock
2) What is default mode to use AppLock
Default mode to use AppLock is Pattern Lock.
3) How to start with AppLock
After Installing AppLock application. Open the App Lock app from your application dashboard. It will ask you to create a Pattern Lock. Create your pattern lock and click next. You will be required to confirm your secret app lock pattern code. Confirm your pattern. And then you are ready to use this application. You will get a list to installed application in the list. Every time you open AppLock application. Your will be needed to enter your created pattern lock.
4) How to switch to Number Lock from Pattern Lock mode
Open your application menu list. Click on Settings. On Settings Screen, under choose unlock mode section Two Lock Modes are available. One is Pattern Lock and another is Password Lock. Selecting Pattern Lock sets your app in Pattern Lock Mode while Password Lock sets your app in Number Lock mode.
5) How to change your Pattern Lock
Go to Settings Screen from Menu List of your AppLock Application and then Select Pattern Lock. Under Pattern lock settings section, tap SET PATTERN button to create new pattern lock.

6) How to change number lock password
Go to Setting Screen from Menu List of your App Lock Application and then Select Password Lock. Under Set your password section, enter your new password to lock in edit box. Re-enter the same password to confirm your new password to lock your applications in next edit box. Then, tap CHANGE PASSWORD button to change your password. If nothing goes wrong in following steps, your password for number lock mode will be changed.

7) I got all this. But how to lock your apps using this App Lock application
Open AppLock application from application dashboard of your android phone. Enter your number lock/pattern lock code to move to all application listing screen. You will see a switch button on the right side of every listed application. To lock an application, swipe the switch button to right that will make that application protected. To remove from your application just swipe left your switch button. Whenever you will open that app a screen will be prompted asking your secret pattern/password to enter. Only entering the correct secret pattern/password will allow you to use that protected application.

8) Will you be adding more features in App Lock application
Yeah! We are working on it to make our App Lock application feature rich.
9) Can I give some suggestion or feedback on AppLock application ?
Surely! To get in touch with AppLock team you can write us at . You can also use Rate and Review section to send your feed back to AppLock team.
10) Is AppLock application region specific
No. AppLock application is not region specific. It doesn't matter in which country you live, You can easily download App Lock application from play store and start locking your applications.

11) Is AppLock application paid ?
No. AppLock application is completely free.

1) Protect any app using password or pattern.
2) Option to choose between Pattern Lock and Number Lock.
3) App Lock is a very light application. It is of size less than 2 MB.

Write your suggestions at
App lock is developed in India.

What's new in True AppLock - Apps Locker 1.1.0

Major issue resolved. Guys updating app please lock all your required application again. We regret for the inconvenience. :-)
True AppLock - Apps Locker | 103 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.3

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