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How to install Time Tracker 1.0 apk for bluestacks

Time Tracker.apk 1.0
Name: Time Tracker.apk
ID: chav.example.wbar
Version: 1.0
Size: 3 Mb

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How to setup Time Tracker apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:
Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.
- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:
Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

Time Tracker Description

Time Tracker free!
Track your time with one button click! You can track time with Time Tracker for any activity you want and of course add your own activities! On the statistics page of Time Tracker you can see all information about time tracking for current day, week or month. In the nearest future it will be possible to export information about time tracking.
When Time Tracker starts you see the list of available activities to track time. To start time tracking with Time Tracker for some activity just click on it and you will see confirmation window “Start tracking time?” After you confirm, Time Tracker activity will be highlighted with green color. This way you can see that now time is tracking for this activity with Time Tracker. To stop tracking with Time Tracker time just click stop button near activity and time tracking will be stopped.
On the statistics page of Time Tracker you can see the sequence of events for current day, the time tracking statistics for current day, time tracking statistics for current week and time tracking statistics for current month. There is also a possibility to clear all time tracking statistics in Time Tracker. Note, that for now maximum period for time tracking is one month. All time tracked statistics in Time Tracker which is older that one month will be deleted. Now it is impossible to export time tracking statistics from Time Tracker but this feature will be implemented in the next version.
The most interesting part of Time Tracker is editing current activities for time tracking and creating new ones. On the settings page of Time Tracker you will see the list of all available activities for time tracking. You can make time tracking activities visible or invisible on your main page by checking and unchecking “Show” checkbox near each activity. You can also change caption for existing time track activities by clicking “Change text” button. If you click “New” button which is present near each time track activity you will create new time track activity with the same image. For now it is not possible to select new images for time tracking activities. So basically what you can do is create copy of existing time track activity just with different caption for it. This way you can create unlimited amount of time tracking activities in Time Tracker. It is not possible to delete default time track activities but you can delete activities which was created by you in Time Tracker.
Please, don't downvote if something doesn't work or if you think some crucial features are missing. Just write me all your e-mail at and I'll try to help with all your problems!

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