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How to mod YeWo 2.0 unlimited apk for laptop

YeWo.apk 2.0
Name: YeWo.apk
ID: com.ttn.yewo
Version: 2.0
Size: 7.5 Mb

YeWo Screen Preview

How to get YeWo 2.0 unlimited apk for pc
How to get YeWo lastet apk for bluestacks
How to download YeWo 2.0 mod apk for pc

How to install YeWo apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:
Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.
- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:
Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

YeWo Description

Social engagement is important for every human being. While there are numerous mobile application to connect to you loved ones, acquittances however there is not much available to get their opinion/suggestion/feedback in a quick/swift/crisp manner.
YeWo is a unique application will allow you not only make friends and connect with them, but also get valuable inputs when you need the most. This application doesn’t require it’s users write tons of text to share something nor it expects similar in reply/response. It is follows the philosophy of “Keep it short and simple”. All you need to do is take a picture of anything/everything that you want your connected community to help you on and post it on your wall, in turn, all responder has to chose “Ye" or “Wo”.

Some of the salient feature of the application
-My Wall
View your posted YeWo
Remove a specific YeWo from wall just by swiping it
Vote on a YeWo by a selecting on any of the two options
As soon as a user votes, this moves to their Home screen.
Like a YeWo OR add comment on any of the YeWo or read comments added by others.
Share a YeWo on his/her social media (Facebook)
Report abuse in case they feel a particular YeWo is in bad taste. (On two reported abuses, the particular YeWo will be removed from the timelines and the user who posted it will be disabled for 24 hours. Two such instances in a month will lead to permanent disablement of the user)
-Create YeWo
Select first and second photo from gallery or take a pic using camera
Broadcast to YeWo community
-My Post
View all YeWo's created by himself/herself
View scores on all of their YeWo's
Share a YeWo along with the scores on his/her social media (Facebook)
Delete a YeWo that they have created. By doing this, it gets removed from everyone's Wall.
View scores on all YeWos for which they have voted for
Remove the YeWo for which have been voted for, from home screen

What's new in YeWo 2.0

Thanks for downloading the app. Hope you enjoy YeWo and fix your confusion.
As per your feedback, we made following changes :
1. Created more interactive look and feel of application
2. You can add pictures directly from web
3. More share option
4. You can share app with your friends
5. Bug fixed
YeWo | 30 Reviewers | | Rating: 5

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