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How to mod Totem 1.11 unlimited apk for bluestacks

Totem.apk 1.11
Name: Totem.apk
ID: com.jmshoots.popper
Version: 1.11
Size: 3.2 Mb

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How to install Totem 1.11 unlimited apk for android
How to mod Totem patch 1.11 apk for pc
How to install Totem lastet apk for pc

How to install Totem apk for android

- For Android 4.0 or higher:
Please to Settings, look down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Choosing this choice will enable to install apps download from the internet.
- For devices running on lower Android 4.0:
Please go to Settings - open the Applications option, and select Unknown sources, click OK on the popup alert.

Totem Details

Akin to the 1992 game called SameGame, Totem is a game where you remove the largest possible groups of blocks to gain the high score. More blocks per group dramatically increases your points awarded, so the object of the game is to construct the largest groups possible before breaking them.
Totem adds a feature to the original game: cleared columns result in the tiles shifting and adding a new randomly sized column of tiles. Skilled players, especially in "Easy" mode, are able to make each round of the game last quite a while.
Instead of making a paid version of the app, I am releasing this as a single version with ads. The bonus to this is that you can win freedom of the ads by scoring 700 points or greater in "Way too hard" mode and deeming yourself worthy. After that you will never have ads displayed again.

What's new in Totem 1.11

- Undo exploit fixed
- New HIGH CONTRAST (read: ugly) color scheme
Totem | 34 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.7

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